Failure is always an option

without failure nothing changes. what if conference

Failure is a funny thing. We all try so hard to avoid it;  it’s a mark of embarrassment and shame. We hide our failures and hope no one will notice how badly we screwed up.

What if we changed that? What if we celebrated failure and embraced it for what it really is?

Failure isn’t bad or wrong or awful. Failure is inevitable, necessary and wonderful. Failure is how we learn and grow, it’s how we gauge what really matters and what doesn’t, and it’s how we discover the truth of what success means for us individually.

Failure allows us to reevaluate the path we are on and determine if it’s the right one. So many people walk an easy path having success after success. But that path, the easy path, isn’t always the right path, it isn’t always the path you would choose if had the opportunity to change your mind.

It isn’t always your path, this route filled with success, it’s often the path someone else chose for you.

I would rather fail on my own terms than succeed on someone else’s.

Look around you, look at all the wonderful things that fill your home. You have a phone, a computer, a TV, a car, food in the fridge, a home to live in…all these things exist because someone failed. Someone, somewhere in history, had an idea and they tried to make it come to life. And they failed. And tried again. And failed yet again. And tried again and again, learning from each failure and advancing their idea every time.

Without failure, nothing changes.

So go, get out there and fail at something. Fail hard. Then get up and do it again!