Jen Bebb

Add-on, Half Day, Quick Talk


My name is Jen Bebb and I’m a creative. A one-time-wedding-photographer currently on sabbatical, I’m spending my time these days exploring creative solutions to a variety of problems, doing a lot of writing, and generally trying to break every mould I can find.

What If was born from frustration, from knowing that there was nothing that spoke to us (me + Steve) as creatives. We wanted inspiration. But more than that, we wanted to learn from people that were doing amazing things, people who inspired us regardless of genre or work product. Since we’re not sit-around-and-wait kind of people, we started What If!

Here are some of the things I’m proud of:
• I’ve written and published 2 books
• What If, 2014 will be our 5th three day event
• We sold out What If, 2014 in just three days
• I spent 13 years working with my hubby and we’re still married
• Why did we take the risk and start What If? Great Question.