WHAT IF, BALI  August 6-9, 2013

Creatives from Australia and North America gathered in Bali for our first What If Down Under. We brought our successful What If, DR to a new audience and introduced the What If ideals to our Australian friends.


  • Richie Norton
  • Tamara Lackey
  • David DuChemin
  • Jason Bacher, and Brian Buirge
  • Natalie Norton


Learners and Innovators went off site to explore the Green School, the Bamboo Mansion and the Bamboo Factory.


WHAT IF, DR  February, 2013

As a thematic event, each builds on the last, yet stands alone as well. For those who have been with us since Cabo, there has been a progression in the themes – we’re not interested in replicating, or duplicating our events or content. The theme for What If, DR was “crossroads” and programs were designed to help our Learners identify the direction they wanted to go and what their next steps were.


  • Richie Norton
  • Tamara Lackey
  • Brian Morrow
  • Jason Bacher, and Brian Buirge
  • Natalie Norton


Spurred to action, What If , 2013 is doing more. At the conclusion of What If, on February 8, our group went to work with a local school that is fully funded by the Melia Caribe Tropicale. We brought school supplies for the children and painted murals on their school walls.


WHAT IF PDX July 23 – 26, 2012

With an overall theme of “Getting things Done” What If, PDX took place at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon. This mid-summer event marked a move from a “photography conference” to a “creative event”, something we were working towards. Nearly half the Cabo alumni returned to PDX, which was fantastic and really allowed us to build on the lessons from Cabo. With a diverse group of Innovators, and a motivated group of Learners, What If, PDX exceeded everyone’s expectations and moved from business conference to a wider business + lifestyle event.

The community from PDX was a tight one, and it recently merged online, with our Cabo group. This larger group has become a place of accountability, support and collaboration for its members. Projects are being crowd sourced, ideas are being facilitated, and the Community that began in Cabo has become that much stronger.

Justin + Mary Marantz
Anne Sage
Fer Juaristi
Samm Blake
Liz Forkin Bohannon

We aslo had Alumni from Cabo speak to the PDX group about what they had been doing since the Cabo event.

Our Alumni Innovators were: Jenn + Dave Stark, Jim + Ilde Cook, Lauren + Tim Fair and Jen + Chris Creed.


WHAT IF, CABO January, 2012

The inaugural What If Conference took place January, 2012 at the Riu Santa Fe in Cabo, Mexico. The overall theme was “Finding + Trusting Your Voice”, and our Innovators certainly spoke to that. Attended by mostly wedding + portrait photographers, it quickly became clear the lessons from What If, Cabo were applicable to all Creatives in business and in life. Perhaps most importantly, a community of creatives was formed. This group provided support, encouragement and facilitation for all its members and we watched relationships build as well.

Jesh de Rox
Sarah + Chris Rhoads
Jesse + Whitney Chamberlin
Justin Lyon
Jen + Steve Bebb

To see what some of our alumni had to say about What If, Cabo, check out this video:

What if Ilde and JIM from Jim Cook on Vimeo.