Register for 2016!

We are heading south to Cancun, Mexico for What If 2016!

Join us at the Moon Palace Golf Spa and Resort where the rooms are fantastic, the views are stunning, and the people at the conference will rock your world!

Did we mention that food and drink is included in the price of your room? That’s right, when you book your room you are also paying for all your food and beverages! When you book a seat at What If, you are also securing your room. Prices include the conference ticket PLUS your room PLUS all your food PLUS all your drinks during the event.


SOLO TRAVELER: $1500 (regular $2100)
5 nights in a shared room for 1 person
If you don’t already have a room mate, we’ll find you one. If you like your alone time, that’s cool. Add that option, extra room nights, and select payment options by clicking the button below.
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TRAVELING WITH A BUDDY: $2500 (regular $3500)
5 nights in a double room for 2 people

This is the option if your spouse and/or business partner is coming to What If the Conference with you. Add extra room nights and choose your payment plan by clicking on that little button below!
($1350 per person)
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Price includes Seat + Room + Food + Drink + Doing More Activity

Room rates vary based on occupancy. Other dates available. If you wish to book only a seat or only a room, please email us at Most of our attendees are staying longer – when you sign up, you will get all the details on extending your stay!