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Learners are pretty fantastic. You get full access to all the conference activities – that means you see all the classes, come to the parties, hang with the people, eat and drink with the group. In other words, this is a regular old conference registration (if this was a regular old conference).


You’re a Learner + you’re extra keen (hence, plus). You want to enjoy the entire conference, just like the Learners, but you want to give a little too. With the Learner Plus registration, you are donating $50 to help get another Learner to WHAT IF. It doesn’t sound like much, but trust us – every little bit counts!


You are the rare, extra special, super enthusiastic, not to mention generous few who want to do even more. You not only want to attend the conference and get Learner perks, but you also want to give back to another photographer who might be struggling. Your tuition helps do that – each Giver Backer is a micro sponsor of the What If Conference, off setting the cost of a Learner’s attendance. Because you are just that awesome. And yes, you’ll get to meet them and share the experience with your Learner.

SAME STUDIO $499 (each person)

The full Learner Pass for each member of your Studio. A minimum of two people people must sign up at the same time for this to work. We know more people means more expenses – we’re a team too. This works for spouses too! If you have any questions about this one, just email us.


Registration for What If is non refundable unless the event is cancelled. You can, however, transfer your registration to another person until December 1, 2013.  Read the Terms and Conditions, before you check out, for all the details!

Sign up for What If!

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