The Test Kitchen

We are super excited to bring the Test Kitchen to life! Here you will find a variety of businesses and ideas in different stages of development. Here is how it will work:

1. Each participant will have 5 minutes to address the entire group and share the following:
• The business model/idea/product.
• What  they are trying to build.
• Where they are in the process (concept, testing, etc.).
• The Ask – what kind of feedback or collaboration they are looking for from you.

2. Each business and idea will have its own display area for you to visit at your leisure. 
You are encouraged to stop by and chat with each of our test-ers, learning more about their product, offering feedback and potentially developing some collaborative relationships. Feel free to ask questions, and discover the “why” behind each idea.

Melissa McManus: Own Kind of Beautiful

Own kind of Beautiful is as of right now a project. A photography project that focuses on redefining what beauty means by loving and accepting your own kind of beautiful. This project will showcase 12 women that have all struggled with either mental illness or a disease that has chiseled away at their self worth. Mental illness is such a major issue in our world that is often times overlooked. But if left untreated, it can put us in a very dark place which is a very hard place to crawl out of. But we can get better, and life can be beautiful again. My short term goal with this project is to help one person by either encouraging them to get help for their problem or to come forward, be vulnerable and share their own story. My long term goal is to turn this into a non-profit because women’s health and being a promoter of healthy body images for women is very important to me.

Michael McManus:  Gethrr

“Give a dollar, make a difference” Gethrr is a community movement inspiring good and bringing together people to help those in need.

Jenny + Josh Solar: Ned the Phone Monster

Our new project is Ned the Phone Monster. Ned’s job is to “eat” your smartphone so you can focus on being present with those around you.

Graham + Ashley Scobey: Art to Aid

Art to Aid is an online marketplace for creative people who want to make their world better. We are a community of artists, artisans, and consumers who believe that buying and selling creative goods does not have to be an individualistic endeavor; that it has the potential to not only be mutually beneficial for the buyer and the seller, but beneficial to society and to the world.

First, Creatives can elect a cause to champion and to whom they will give a selected portion of their profits.

They can then: create their personalized storefront, list and sell their products, and track their impact. Consumers can browse by traditional categories of items, or they can choose to browse by causes that are important to them and seek out creatives that are supporting those causes. Consumers will also be able to track their impact, create wish lists, subscribe to their favorite creatives, and participate in community discussions. You can find out more about what we are doing and why we are doing it at

Benjamin Derkin: Snapped

A creative and competitive challenge style competition that provides amazing photographers the opportunity to pit their creativity against peers while allowing the next generation of photographers to witness the creative process as it stands up against a comprehensive critique. Each participating photographer will work within the variable rules of each webisode (i.e. cameras, computers, lenses, lights and modifiers etc.) to gain the upper hand against their competitor while explaining their creative process. Each webisode will be designed to showcase the creative process of the pros involved, challenge the viewing photographers to work outside their comfort zone, and show off the skill, talent, and joy of being a professional photographer.

Jessica Neofotistos: Made by Jessica Lynn

Crafted creativity and social responsibility. Made By Jessica Lynn is a collection of products handcrafted by Jessica. With her strong love for the ocean and the great outdoors, creating a line that reflected those environments seemed just perfect. Everything you see here is inspired by that love. Made at home. Made for you.

Along with the Made By Jessica Lynn products, a select group of featured makers appear on the site. These makers of goodness are some of the most thoughtful companies that Jessica has ever come across. What do they have in common? They are all crafted with love in the USA. And since we believe in the power of community, 15% profit from every single sale goes to a special cause.

Dane Sanders: WeaveWriter

You have a writing problem.

I do too. We all do in fact.

To be alive in our digiflat world is to have writing responsibilies. From email to papers to reports to your incomplete manuscript to the next great American novel to your GTD list, we’re all expected to write at every turn.

And yet… despite all our tremendous technological advances, we still don’t have a writing tool that works for all our writing needs. That is, until now…

Meet WeaveWriter - a plain-text editor that understands Markdown - that empowers you to input your regular old words in and export every format the world demands out, in both print AND digital & in gorgeous final design formats, with virtually no on the writer.

It’s more than just a clever writing tool though.

It also promotes the habit, art and craft of writing itself by making the experience delightful and baking community right in to the product itself.

WeaveWriter also organizes your writing into easy concepts that make larger writing projects entirely manageable and flexible, by organizing your written thoughts into:

  • Ideas
  • Buckets
  • Projects

By doing so, you now will have the ability to seamlessly create with words and do it in community promoting accountability and habitand organize those creations into powerful and pursuasive prose to compell your readers to action.

What if there was a way to input your words just once, but output in any way that was demanded of you? That way has arrived and her name is WeaveWriter.

And I can’t wait to introduce you to her!

Debs Anne + Jamie Fraser: Out Loud

We will be sharing our idea for an independent movie; a part documentary, part cinematic adventure, feature film, which we are currently in the process of crowdfunding, writing, shooting, producing and directing as a two-person all-action super team.

OUT LOUD, our movie, asks musicians, artists, photographers, scientists, writers and other creatively-focussed folks, how on earth they live a life they love, for a living. We’re exploring the practice, philosophy and science of creativity, curiosity, courage and connection.

Join the rebellion against boredom, apathy and fear! Live OUT LOUD!

Joel + Mary Schroeder: I Am a Villager

Let’s Play Werewolf!
We’re making a deck of cards, focusing on games of social deduction. Werewolf and “Infected” are the two working titles and we’ll need some villagers/scientists for the test play! 8-30+ can play, and we can do 10-30 minute games. It’s about having fun with people & strategy more than about nerding out on role playing.