6 Welding Art Projects You Can Make for Sale or Display

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6 Welding Art Projects You Can Make for Sale or Display

Most people typically see welding as a handyman skill or job and not as a fantastic art form. It’s a cool skill to have because as a fun hobby, it allows you to make certain home repairs yourself. When done right, the results come out valuable and beautiful.

Welding as an Art

Several artists have specialized in metal sculpting as their art niche. They include Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, David Smith, Antoine Pevsner, Anthony Caro, Richard Hunt, Julio Gonzalez, Beverly Pepper, and a host of others. It involves using welding as a joining process for the creation of functional or aesthetic pieces.

Welding Materials

The most essential, of course, is the welder, and it’s easier to use those that are small and lightweight. In addition to the welding machine(s), there are a few pieces of equipment that are essential for the sculptor to have. The first is protective and safety equipment like face shield, gloves, bibs or leather jacket, and various clamps. Others are the cutting and burning outfits and welding accessories.

DIY Projects

Access to the internet has provided a lot of information for almost anything. These days, anyone can do whatever they desire themselves. Hence the name do it yourself (DIY) projects. Even though welding requires a certain skill level, someone picking it up as a hobby can start from learning about it online and practicing. After all, practicing does make one perfect.

Welding Methods

You must make yourself conversant with the different welding methods, as that’ll determine the type of welder to use. The most common one, however, is the Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding. That’s so because beginners can learn it with ease. Also, using a MIG welder usually doesn’t leave much to clean up after the process.

Making Art

Art is a form of expression and hence, requires inspiration. One can imitate the style of other artists, but there has to be originality in the basic structure for it to be a work of art. The same thing applies to weld sculptures; you should have an area of interest or an idea regarding what you want to create. It’s on this basis that you can then build your work.

Welding Art Ideas

Welding sculptures could be done just for the fun of creating something or for display at home or use in your personal space. You could also make them for presentations at art conferences and sales. Subsequently, in this article, several art projects that you can make will be discussed.

1.   TV Tray Table

This project is suitable, both for beginners and old-timers. The design can be simple or complex, depending on your preference and skill level. It’s trendy to make because it has a lot of functional purposes in the home, and this feature gives it value. TV tray tables could be used for the original intent, as dinner trays, as a side table in your room, or you could repurpose it for whatever you want.

2.   Outdoor Vase

The outdoor vase is both functional and aesthetic. It encourages precision as each edge is welded and not folded. The design is simple, and anyone can make it quite easily. However, you should choose a suitable material and make sure to grind the welds so that the finishing is neat. You could use it to plant, and it makes an excellent garden decor.

3.   Sculptured Bench

The sculptured bench design is impressive because it’s such that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. For better aesthetics and a more straightforward procedure, use decorative wood to make the seat of the bench. It’s critical to sketch your expectations so that you’ll have a blueprint to refer to while you work.

4.   Firewood Rack

Making a firewood rack isn’t difficult because the design is simple. Firewood racks are also known as fireplace log crates and require simple bars and the support to hold them up. They are used to store firewood in a clean, dry place and allow easy access as people can place them in the corner of the living room. There are so many creative ideas available online, but the ultimate design is up to you.

5.   Metal Trellis

A trellis is a framework for supporting trees or creepers in a garden. They’re usually attached to a wall for support, but as an artist, you could come up with a unique way to present your product. You could make them stand instead of hanging from the wall, and for beautification purposes, insert shapes or patterns.

6.   Animal Sculptures

These projects are fun table placements made from either scrap metal or stainless steel. Weld them together to form the desired shape, and they make pretty wall art. Different animals like sharks, turtles, horses, insects, and various birds can be sculpted. One advantage is that you could use old kitchen utensils.

Displaying and Selling Your Work

Sculpting is the major part; however, you don’t want to have a variety of metalwork lying aimlessly around your space. You can display your works at art shows and local galleries and hardware stores around you. Also, use online platforms like Etsy to sell your creations, and you could recommend them to family and friends to buy.