A Conference For Artist-Prenuers


Hey, thanks for popping in! This page has the Coles notes version of all things WHAT IF, 2013. We’ve kept it simple –  just the facts, ma’am. But we’ve also included some handy, dandy little links if you’re like us and you like a little more detail.

WHAT IF is a conference for artist-preneurs, by artist-preneurs…

but it is so much more than just a conference. WHAT IF is a place for Creatives looking for success, in business and life,  while forging an original trail. There are no formulas or magic bullets here, no “do as I do” will be preached. Instead, WHAT IF is a place where the lines between expert and student are blurred as our Innovators facilitate your dreams, not pontificate about their own.

WHAT IF is also a place where the learning outside the classroom is as important as the learning inside the classroom, and that time is an invaluable part of the process.

Because it’s about time. There is no other conference like WHAT IF. This is a SUBSTANCE over style event where we’re serving up a helping of INNOVATION and a side order of MONEY MAKING IDEAS. Most importantly, we’re going to challenge you to MEET YOUR POTENTIAL, to BE YOURSELF, and to become part of a COMMUNITY of other artist-preneurs.

We work very closely with each speaker, fine tuning their topics to ensure no overlap or redundancy. Each talk builds on the last, giving you a complete experience from start to finish.

The overall theme of WHAT IF is simply that – finding and fulfilling your WHAT IFs. Coupled with that, What If 2013 explores the idea of CROSSROADS – coming to the place where something needs to change, in your business and/or life,  and what to do about that. Within each component of WHAT IF we supply the tools to actually make it happen.  WHAT IF is less about the medium you work in and more about why that medium, at this time, and what you can do with that moving forward.

Check out the happenings, and format of What If right here!

We’re super excited that What If, 2013 is now What If, Dominican Republic! We have partnered with the incredible Melia Caribe Tropicale to secure great all-inclusive rates for each of you!

That’s right – this is an ALL-INCLUSIVE resort which means you can leave your wallet in your room. Once you have secured your room, there are no additional food or drink expenses while you are on site. There is plenty to do, with free time available for great group activities, or alone time, if you prefer.

THERE ARE STILL THREE ROOMS AVAILABLE, BUT YOU HAVE TO EMAIL ME TO GET THEM ( We have secured rates of $140 per night/per person (double) and $195/night per person (single), which is well below posted rates especially because this is one of the busiest times of year in the Caribbean.

They are also extending our exclusive rates 3 days before and after the Conference dates, and many attendees are planning to stay a full week. (Hang tight – the hotel is building us a sweet way to get your room secured!)

Travel (flights, hotel, etc) are your responsibility and are not included in the tuition for the Conference.

What If, 2013 is happening in a place that needs our help. We are partnering with a variety of charitable groups to get into the Community and do the work. Whether we will be at an orphanage or school, building houses or doing some other sort of work, it’s time to give back.

The Conference part of What If, 2013 will be February 4 – 7, 2013, and the Humanitarian part of What If will take place on February 8th.  You can get an idea of our schedule by checking out our Happenings page.

Our INNOVATORS are some of the most successful artist-prenuers working today. You will recognize some of their names and get to know the others. They are intriguing, innovative, interesting, and investing in YOU. Their journeys are all unique. Their businesses are all different. They are all CREATIVES + ENTREPRENEURS and they have all found a way to make that work.

Our Innovators are chosen for the whole of what they do, not merely their work product. They’re all artist-preneurs whether they choose photography, design, business or another way to create.

WHAT IF is about more than sitting in a classroom with strangers. It’s about sitting around and sharing ideas, it’s about chatting with new friends over dinner and catching up with old ones over drinks. It’s about having a place for everyone – no one is ever left out. With small groups after every session, break outs, planned spontaneity, and a place to be every night, even the most introverted will come out of their shell. Whether it’s grooving to the sweet sounds of our DJ, listening to the live music at the lobby bar, or just an extended dinner, your COMMUNITY will be there, from the moment you arrive, to long after you’ve gone home.

At WHAT IF we know that YOU are smarter than US, way smarter. And, collectively, you will have a say in the conference. From the break out groups to the structured spontaneity – it is all about YOU.

You can learn a little more about Cabo + PDX and see what we’re building together here.