What If is a multi-day event that merges: classroom and kinetic learning, humanitarian work, and community building in a way that inspires and empowers our attendees to create the life and business they deserve.

We believe in teaching to the whole person— which is why we focus on the areas of lifestyle, business, and creativity. We hold that our businesses and yours should exist to provide the kind of life we want to live, and that means creating something that gives us the flexibility we demand in our lives.

What If the Conference isn’t simply a community, we’re a family. We share noogies, accountability, hardships and hugs, successes and celebrations. This family is at the core of the conference—and each attendee leaves with the certainty that dozens of people are eager to hear about their next crazy idea, hold them accountable, and help when they get stuck.

Have a question? Reach out to us at hello@whatifconference.com!

Have a question, reach out to us at hello@whatifconference.com