is a unique experience designed to empower creative entrepreneurs and give them a super-charged boost of inspiration and motivation—a power-packed kick in the pants to take their business (and life) by storm. What If provides creatives with practical tools to help them get from where they are now to where they truly want to be, empowering them to think big, articulate their ‘what-ifs’ and turn them into ‘what nexts?’.

What If the Conference is a forced full stop, allowing you to step outside the busy-ness of your life to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.


What If, 2015 – April 6-10, 2015

Join us April 6th – 10th, 2015! The conference begins Monday, April 6th and ends Thursday April 9th. We will have additional (opt-in) classes and activities on the afternoon of April 9th and during the day April 10th. On April 10th we will also have a half day event for those not attending classes that day. What If, 2015 offers the following:

  • Keynotes (Full group classes): 45 minutes in length
  • Small Groups (20 – 40 people): 60 – 90 minutes in length
  • Hands-On classes (30 – 50 people): 60 minutes in length
  • The Test Kitchen (Full Group)
  • Quick Talks (Full Group): No more than 5 minutes per speaker
  • Group Activities
  • Doing More (off site work with a local organization)
Grab Your Seat


We are heading south to Cancun, Mexico for What If, 2015! Join us at the Fiesta Americana Condessa Cancun. The rooms are fantastic, the views are stunning, and the people at the conference will rock your world! Check out the room rates:

  • Single Occupancy: $215.00 (per person/per night)
  • Double Occupancy: $129.00 (per person/per night)
  • Triple Occupancy: $107.50 (per person/per night)

Did we mention that your food and drink is included in the price of your room? That’s right, when you book your room you are also paying for all your food and beverages! Grab Your Seat





Payment Plan Option!

We are making it easier than ever for you to secure your room at What If. Once the location has been announced, registered Learners get the first choice of rooms. You will have 6 – 9 months to pay for your room with our brand new payment plan. Easy peasy!

Payment Plans  (Seat + Room) Divide your tuition + room into equal monthly payments with your $300 down payment. The earlier you book, the longer you have to pay. Of course, you can pay in full choose a larger down payment (and smaller monthly payment). It’s up to you!

The Test Kitchen

A New What If Innovation

Have you ever had an idea you were convinced was “the idea”? Introduced at What If, 2014 the Test Kitchen is a place ideas will be shared. Each “test-er” has 5 minutes to explain their concept to the What If attendees after which they will have time to explore your idea on their own, offering feedback, insight, collaboration and more. The Test Kitchen is designed to make a “What If” become a “What’s Next”. Check Out the 2014 Test Kitchen