is a unique experience designed to empower creative entrepreneurs and give them a super-charged boost of inspiration and motivation—a power-packed kick in the pants to take their business (and life) by storm.

What If provides creatives with practical tools to help them get from where they are now to where they truly want to be, empowering them to think big, articulate their ‘what-ifs’ and turn them into ‘what nexts?’.


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What If the Conference is a forced full stop, allowing you to step outside the busy-ness of your life to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

What If, 2015

We are planning What If, 2015 right now and here is what we know so far: it will take place in Costa Rica, Cancun or Playa del Carmen. The dates will likely be the first or second week of April, 2015.

The Conference will run 4 full days with optional add-on classes available the 5th day. Plan to stay the extra day no matter what – there will lots of other What If-ers doing the same and lots of fun things for you to do that day.

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Have your Say

Register early (now!) for What If, 2015 and you will get a say in where and when the conference takes place. This is YOUR conference and you can be part of the decision. All registrations purchased before dates and location are announced are fully refundable up to 7 days after the where and when are confirmed.

Grab Your Seat


Wine & Dine

Did we mention that your food and drink is included in the price of your room? That’s right, when you book your room you are also paying for all your food and beverages!


We are making it easier than ever for you to secure your room at What If. Once the location has been announced, registered Learners get the first choice of rooms. You will have 6 – 9 months to pay for your room with our brand new payment plan. That’s right – easy!


Payment Plans (seat bought before April 1, 2014.)
Remember, you room rate includes all your food and your drink!
One Person: 6 payments (starting April 1, 2014)
Two People: 9 payments (starting April 1, 2014)



The Test Kitchen

A New What If Innovation

Have you ever had an idea you were convinced was “the idea”?
Introduced at What If, 2014 the Test Kitchen is a place ideas will be shared. Each “test-er” has 5 minutes to explain their concept to the What If attendees after which they will have time to explore your idea on their own, offering feedback, insight, collaboration and more. The Test Kitchen is designed to make a “What If” become a “What’s Next”.

Check Out the 2014 Test Kitchen